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Enjoy the local gastronomy of Diksmuide and our chef's specialties in our restaurant. At Bloom you can enjoy a quick snack, a refined lunch or a gastronomical dinner. Our restaurant is open each day except for Tuesdays. Our kitchen is open from 11h00 until 21h30.


Our restaurant
Our restaurant
Our restaurant
Our restaurant

Our menu



Fondue Bourguignonne 26.00
Fondue Bloom 24.00
Fondue Royale 29.00
Fish Fondue 26.00
Cheese croquettes 13.00
Catch of the day croquettes (2) 18.00
Shrimp croquettes (2) 16.00
Marrowbone and toast 18.00
Beef carpaccio 16.00
Scampi Bloom (5) 18.00
Smoked salmon plate 18.00

Steak tartare 22.00
Rib eye 28.00
Dover soles 27.00
Fish stew Bloom 26.00
Shrimp salad - 7 pieces 23.00
salade nicoise 18.00
Smoked salmon / shrimp salad 23.00
Farmers salad of Diksmuide (goat cheese) 19.00

Pasta bolognaise 12.00
Pasta maison 12.00
Pitta sandwich 14.00
Italia Sandwich 12.00
Cheese and ham sandwich 12.00
Grilled ham and molten cheese sandwich 12.00

Book a table at Bloom

Enjoy a nice meal at Bloom. Bookings and reservations can be done by phone : + 32 51 50 29 05
Our restaurant
Our restaurant
Our restaurant
Our restaurant